Mental health problems affect one in four of us, influencing the way we think, feel and even behave. For some, these negative emotions can escalate over time resulting in a serious mental health conditions yet for others, these feelings can go away naturally without any long-term impact.  

Whether you’re someone struggling with your own mental illness or a business looking to support your employee well-being long term, investing in mental health has never been more important. Its fundamental to unlocking long-term health, happiness, good relationships and success.

Too often, people who experience a mental health problem do so behind closed doors, embarrassed to reach out and talk about their condition. But mental health conditions are treatable and its possible to make a full recovery with the right help. 

How can Balance of Wellness help?

  • Expert advice on mental health and wellbeing

  • Therapy sessions to suit work life and home life commitments

  • Help to break habits to unlock a brighter future

  • Workplace wellbeing and employee support

  • Complete discretion and confidentiality

  • Online courses and therapy available

Mental Health First Aid training


MHFA England 2-day Adult Course 

delivered face to face or online


 Mix of learning inc: presentations, group discussions, workshop activity


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Life Coaching

Online or face to face sessions

Workplace & Employee Support

Mental health & wellbeing awareness 



 employee well-being support

One to one sessions

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