Mental Health Treatment & Support

You don't have to struggle with a mental health condition - help is available. 

Mental health problems affect one in four of us. They include conditions such a stress, depression, and anxiety, which if not treated, can escalate overtime into a serious mental health condition.

Whether you’re someone struggling with your own mental illness, seeking support to help someone else, or a business looking to support your employee well-being long term, investing in mental health has never been more important.

Too often, people who experience a mental health problem do so behind closed doors, embarrassed to reach out and talk about their condition. But mental health conditions are treatable, and it’s possible to make a full recovery, with the right help and intervention. 

How can Balance of Wellness help you?

  • ​Expert advice on mental health and wellbeing

  • Mental health first aid training

  • Therapy sessions to suit work life and home life commitments

  • Help to break habits and unlock a brighter future

  • Workplace wellbeing and employee support

  • Complete discretion and confidentiality

  • Discounts for students and those with financial difficulties

LETS TALK - Take the first step to an improved mental wellbeing

Recognising the signs of poor mental health

Everyone suffers with poor mental health at some point in their life, but its how we manage and cope with these difficult times that makes us all different.

For some, the struggles can be  present for just a brief moment in time, brought on by a current change in circumstance such as a new job or change in relationship status, that is easily managed until it goes away. For others, it can be a constant battle, with problems escalating over time and becoming a more permanent condition, which requires regular management. 

Early signs of poor mental health include poor concentration, sleepless nights, low mood and the feeling of being overwhelmed, tearfulness or irritability, feeling less interested in day-to-day life, tiredness and a lack of energy.

   7 signs of a mental health issue:

  • Change in feelings

  • Loss of interest

  • Low in energy

  • Change in sleeping habits

  • Appetite or weight changes

  • Difficulty interacting

  • Uncontrollable emotions

My range of services help individuals and businesses:

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Online or face to face sessions for individuals or employees
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- Mental Health First Aid Training: MHFA England 2-day course delivered face-to-face or online 
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- Workplace & employee support: Mental health and wellbeing presentations in the workplace or online
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- Counselling: A form of talking therapy  to address issues and problems faced in your day-to-day life
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