Round up of the web's best wellness articles for June

June 8, 2018



I love cycling. I love cycling in the summer, and here is an article from Cyclist Magazine - Top tips for summer cycling.

Sun cream - check, sun glasses - check, water bottle - check, what could go wrong?


Cyclist magazine tutorials




It's June. The rain has calmed down... hopefully. It's time to relax and hit the golf course, and on many occasions I do actually want to hit the golf course, but moving on. What you need is a polo shirt that is comfortable and keeps you cool. Luckily has loads of them. A range of prices, colours, and fabrics. Treat yourself.


Function 18


Running & Father's Day (Not a usual combination)


Yes Father's Day (17th June) is approaching and yes, you probably have not given it a moments notice. Well have no fear has, and they handily have an article on Father's Day gifts for runners. Who does not love a cheeky bit of running gear? I have got a flip belt that I use for holding my phone when I run and it's great. Comfortable and secure.

Flip Belt

Sleeping or lack of it


Now sometimes I go to bed and I sleep as if I am sleeping on a cloud. The next night I can go to bed and I sleep like I am sleeping on a concrete slab. Is it stress, over tiredness, or technology? I am not sure, but it is a pain.


So if you have the same experience, My Fitness Pal may have the cure here in this article. Probably not, but it's worth a read. Some say reading makes you sleepy, others say that it stops you sleeping due to brain activity. I am not sure either.

But have a read of My Fitness Pal.

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