How you can become the life coach in your family.

I am a firm believer that all parents can be the life coach in their own families to make sure that they have a “purposeful” family. The family can share values based living, direct communication, empowerment of all relationships in the family and experiencing joy in day to day living together.

The coaching can focus on a movement towards a unified vision through a set of SMART goals. This is all about coaching to make sure that the children in the family adopt good habits and behaviour which will ensure the family unit runs smoothly.

Coaching outcomes include:

· Effective communication

· Shared common values and mutual respect

· Conflict resolution practices

· Establish practices to achieve positive change and on-going results

· Tolerance of individuality within the family relationship

· Creating and experiencing joy as a family

Here are 5 ideas to help you be your families life coach, to support a life of balance, alignment and meaning:

1. Create a Family Mission Statement with your partner in which you detail the core values you hope to impart in raising your family. When making decisions related to discipline, activities, community building, schooling, hard choices and limit setting, use this Family Mission Statement as a guide to help support clarity and alignment.

2. Slow down and take time for reflection. If you question the job you’re in, find yourself in a constant state of stress, reacting more often than responding, it’s time to step off the rat wheel and examine your own life thoroughly. Making the changes we need in our own lives to decrease stress, increase connection, and be in integrity with who we are and what we really want from life are the best ways we can support and serve our kids to become the types of adults who can do this as well.

3. Engage in the activities and interests which you truly love,for the sake of doing them, and experiencing joy. When is the last time you played an instrument? Spoke the foreign language you love? Played a game with friends? Made a piece of art or a new invention for the fun of it? Took a cooking class? Learned something new that truly engages your curiosity and desire to experience being alive? If you’ve sacrificed these elements of your own life, it will be hard to model to your children that joy, curiosity and love of learning are essentials to a life well lived. Get out that class catalogue and sign up today for a learning experience that will help bring you totally alive.

4. Spend time with people who are positive, living lives that align to your values, and prioritize the same values, interests and curiosities that you do. If you find yourself around people who you don’t truly resonate with, it’s time to do some social reflection and focusing. Get out your Family Mission Statement and spend time reflecting on the people, experiences, traditions and social activities which really resonate with who you are and the family you most want to raise.

5. Have weekly Family Meetingswhere in addition to discussing appreciations, celebrations, scheduling, problem solving, you share about your Family Mission Statement and the activities, choices, friends, experiences that each of you are engaging in that reflect your family’s desired culture. You can plan activities and discuss questions together to help build your family culture to be one that is balanced, aligned, positive and inspiring: life coaching at its best!

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