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No More Excuses

I should have written an article sooner – but I haven’t. I should have been running more – but I haven’t. There are a lot of things I ‘should’ have done, but I haven’t. I have, however, been caught up in a post-marathon come-down. I’ve gone from training 6 days a week to once or twice a week at most. I resent the fact that my fitness has worsened as a result and have been in a vicious cycle of not wanting to exercise because I find it too hard both mentally and physically to actually get out there, which obviously isn’t improving my fitness or my mental well-being!

Instead of setting aside time for training, I have most been swept up in the world wind of day-to-day life. 2 small children – 1 of which is a difficult sleeper, a new job (the first one since stopping for maternity leave over 2 years ago), a husband who has his own work and sporting commitments, and trying desperately to keep up a social life for fear of becoming a hermit.

These are all valid excuses, but that’s just what they are – excuses. But they are all choices I made. I chose to have the children, I chose to go back to work, I chose to support my husband in his work and sport, and I chose to keep up friendships. So why do I not choose to exercise??

It’s decision time. Do I sit here feeling worse with each passing day, or do I make a change? No-one can make the choice for me – it’s me that must get out of that door and do something to improve my fitness, but ultimately improve my mental well-being, yet there are several habits that I have got into that I need to snap out of. The biggest of which is how I talk to myself.

The language we use to ourselves is pivotal. Instead of saying I ‘should’, I will say I ‘choose’. By making the choice, I am taking control and regaining the power. Instead of saying I ‘can’t’, I will ask ‘how?’ and find a way to make it possible. Power and responsibility are incredible factors to remember when it comes to our mental well-being. If we feel that we have no power, then we feel vulnerable, less worthy, and far more likely to hit a downward spiral. If we take back that power and have responsibility for ourselves, then we are more likely to stick with decisions and carry through with plans, we feel stronger, have a higher self-worth, and we are in control!

So, as I write this, I am choosing to take back the control. I am choosing to value myself again. I am choosing to have the power. No more excuses.

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