The importance of eating a healthy, filling breakfast

The importance of eating a healthy, filling breakfast every morning cannot be underestimated. I totally believe in the saying that it sets you up for the day, and that you should eat like a king for breakfast, prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner. Granted depending on your daily activity level, age, health, and free time you may increase protein intake and cut carb intake, but always try and have a good breakfast.

Don't get me wrong, even though I love breakfast, when you are in a rush and you have to make a healthy breakfast whilst getting ready for work, thinking about the day ahead and sorting the kids out before school drop off, it can be a bind. But I know if I do not fill myself up sufficiently there is a chance that I will snack on sugary rubbish and this will continue throughout the day. If I am riding or running to work then the need for a good breakfast to give me sufficient energy is even more important.

You should also take into account the requirement to start the day right in relation to water consumption. You sweat whilst sleep, so when you wake you are already dehydrated. Water gets the body started. It assists in waking it up, moving everything around to help with digestion, and ensures you can start the day on a good footing. I always wake up and drink a good amount of water and a green tea, even before I have my daily coffee.

So what should you eat for breakfast?

I like rolled oats with almond milk, nuts and raisins, banana, and high protein yoghurt. This morning I had protein rich Weetabix instead of the oats. You can make overnight oats, with exactly the same ingredients to save on time the following morning.


Depending on my day ahead I may have a couple of poached eggs on rye bread with spinach or avocado and tomatoes. On occasion I also add some smoked salmon or mackerel fillets. It does not really matter, but I try to have plenty of fibre to aid digestion, vitamins and minerals, and a good level of protein along with water.

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