Do I need a new pair of running trainers? And if I do, which ones?

Trainers, trainers, trainers, I could buy lots of them. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma - loads of brands at a range of prices from cheap to expensive (to ridiculous). All promise to be light and make you faster. Not sure how that works but I suppose I am not a trainer maker or a marketer. What I will say though from my experience of buying all types of trainers at a range of prices is that you need to take your time. Choose wisely and do not just go for the sale rail.

When you do decide which brand you like, you then have to decide if they fit the sport you want to do, because you cannot just have a pair that do everything. You have trainers for Crossfit, trainers for running, trainers for going to the gym, trainers for lifestyle, and golf shoes you can wear off the course as trainers.

But do you need a new pair? Only you can decide that. You need to consider when you last bought a new pair, how many pairs you have, how long you have had your other trainers and how much activity you have done in them.

I have attached three really good articles for you to get some further advice. Firstly from Running Bug, which is a great website for runners of all abilities - '5 questions to ask before buying new running shoes'.

I would ask myself, what are the trainers for? If they are for running, do I need to get custom fit trainers? What is my budget (as custom will cost you more) and do I stick to my usual brands or look at another brand?

This moves me nicely onto my next article – thanks again to Running Bug - 'Find the right running shoes for you'.

From my experience if you enjoy running and want to progress to 10K, half marathons and potentially a full marathon then gait analysis is essential. Go to a specialist running shop - details can be found using an internet search site. The staff member will check for over-pronation, which means your foot rolls in as it hits the floor in an exaggerated form of the foot's natural movement. The last thing you need whilst training is an unnecessary injury that puts your training back.

So what are the best running shoes? Well only you can make that decision but this handy article from t3 has a look at the best running shoes of 2018.

Whatever running shoes you choose, stay safe and just enjoy being outside and running, because I would much rather be pounding pavements or running cross country over plodding on a treadmill in a hot, sweaty gym.

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