A round up of the month's best wellness articles - May

Every month we will collate the must read stories and interesting articles relating to well-being including body, mind, fitness and nutrition.

Here are some of the best health and well-being articles for this week.

Cyclist Magazine - Why getting older is no barrier to being a better cyclist?

The article discusses the benefits of cycling as you get older. A 2015 study at King’s College London examined a group of seasoned cyclists aged between 55 and 79, and discovered that they displayed significantly fewer signs of ageing compared to non-cyclists.

Find out more about the study

Livestrong.com - The Dangers of HIIT, Hot Yoga, Circuit Training & CrossFit

I found this article a bit worrying, as all of these forms of exercise are extremely popular at the moment. However the article detailed how to stay safe when taking part. To help you get ready before delving into exercise, read the article on these four popular fitness trends. Don't be paranoid but they may do damage to your body if you’re not properly prepared and warmed up. Which to be honest is the same for any physical activity.

Read the article to learn more

Time magazine (Time.com) - If you are asking yourself, why should I lift weights? Here is a reason.

Strength training is good for your body and your mind, according to a new review of more than 30 previously published studies. This article goes onto state that the paper, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that resistance exercise training (RET), such as weightlifting and strength training, is associated with a significant reduction in depressive symptoms. It also comes with physical benefits, like making bones stronger and preventing chronic conditions. It’s a good read and so if you are someone who does smash the running every week, then try and introduce some weights into your training programme, it does appear to be highly beneficial to take part in a variety of activities.

Learn more from Time Magazine

Coach magazine - 5 healthy recipes - What do i eat this week?

If you were wondering what five healthy and quick recipes to knock up this week then see go to Coach mag - For some lovely healthy meals.

Prawns, pork, beef and chicken are easy to make and are protein stacked, which is key for those workouts.

There is plenty more to read on fitness, health and nutrition at Coach Magazine

Runner Click - the best running shirts

I have a weakness for new running gear - This article is great as it has the pro's and con's on a selection for men and women.

See lots more great articles at https://runnerclick.com/

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