Why would I do this?

Without having any idea of how to build, maintain, or promote a website, I have started on a journey of self discovery. Not only to help myself get better and to have a greater level of well-being, but to hopefully help others who have found themselves exactly in the same boat as I was in, with no idea of where they are going.

This website and blog were born out of one person's journey through life, a life that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows. So why then? Well without developing a passion for health, fitness and nutrition, the support from my wonderful family and friends, one of the most amazing work colleagues I could ever have asked for (who is basically my work mum), some cracking GP's and a brilliant counselor - I potentially would not be getting better and even want to take on this challenge.

Some people may scoff and think you are never going to make money. Well it is not about money. Thankfully I have a secure job (he says with fingers crossed), I have time and some very skilled and generous family and friends who are kindly helping me. I will make this a success. I know it has a purpose and it is different. It is essentially a health, well-being and lifestyle website but it runs deeper than that.

This site will have longevity. It will be a reference point, a support network, and a place that people can add their contributions to subjects such as health, fitness, lifestyle, well-being, nutrition and mental heath. I want everyone to feel that they can contact me and add a blog, a fitness plan, a recipe, details of support... anything. It is an open forum to help anyone who has suffered or are suffering from mental illness. There will be interesting articles, relevant blogs, the best of the web and current news on all of the above. It will start slowly and small and evolve over time, offering advice, information and recommendations on keeping your mind and body as healthy as possible.

The bit I care about the most though is trying to donate and work with mental health and suicide charities. I feel I have gone through life with two hands behind my back, as lots of others have. I want to use this website to raise awareness of mental illness, depression and suicide, not just for married professionals with two kids, but for everyone. No matter how old you are, what colour, race or sex you are, there is a very high chance that you have suffered from mental illness or know someone who has and yet, it is ignored, laughed at and subsequently people do not live the life they should.

So that is why I am sitting here, typing late on a Wednesday night. And why 'Balance of Wellness'? It has lots of possible meanings, but I think of it as "Most people get up in the morning hoping that their day will run smoothly". Some days will turn out bad, some days are the same as usual and some days are good. But if we live every day as best we can, then more often than not everything will run smoothly. That is the minimum that should be expected in life.

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