"Paul will go above and beyond to help his clients. His knowledge and experience shine through when you're going through difficult times. He won't just sit there and listen to your problems, he helps you through them, supports and guides you and lets you feel what you need to feel. He has a fresh perspective on well-being and doesn't want his clients to be reliant on him; encouraging healing to a better sufficient self."

Beth Maclean - February 2020 – Google


"I started CBT with Paul to help manage my anxiety and panic attacks. His motivation to help me manage this was amazing. As a result, I have become much more confident that I know how to manage my thoughts and thanks to Paul, I now understand what it means to have anxiety, and I have learnt ways to deal with and overcome intrusive thoughts. I can’t recommend Paul enough; he’s truly accommodating and easy to talk to. Thank you, Paul!"

Olivia Evans-Bentley - February 2020 – Google


"We approached Paul to provide staff at our school with mental health support, as we were concerned at the level of pressure, they’d been under following the recent coronavirus outbreak. Many staff were nervous about their return to work, so he gave some helpful presentations to help with staff anxiety, as well as being on hand for 1-2-1 sessions. This was extremely successful and high numbers of staff met and continue to meet with him for support, even across the summer holiday period. Support has now been opened up to all schools in our Trust with Paul also advising the board about ongoing well-being support and strategies we can put in place to continue helping the staff and children on their return.

In the future, we plan for staff to attend the mental health first aid course delivered by Paul and many have already volunteered to be mental health champions. I would be very happy to recommend Paul and am looking forward to our continued work together."

​Yvonne Barker-Layton - September 2020

I started my CBT and therapy with Paul to learn how to deal with my PTSD, mental health and medical issues. I wanted to learn how to except it and move on from it, and that’s exactly what he did. I’ve learnt how to except it and how to adapt to it. I’ve tried therapy before with other company’s and with the NHS but it didn’t help me and seeing Paul has made such a difference. He’s made me learn how to deal with my anxiety and depression, he’s made me realise I am okay! I’ve always felt that I’m different, that I’m not like anyone else and that I’m not ‘normal’ but he’s taught me that ‘normal’ isn’t real, and that I am okay!

I honestly can’t thank you enough Paul for helping me become realistic, and accept that things are okay. You’ve also made me realise that it’s not the fact everything happens for a reason, it’s the fact you get challenges in life and its how you deal with it and adapt that matters.

I would recommend this to anyone, even those that don’t have mental health issues, as sometimes people just need to learn to believe in themselves. So thank you so much!!

Abbie Fluck – September 2020