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Life coaching can help you to set goals, reach targets, make changes, become more resilient and assertive, which will mean a more productive and positive life. It has changed my life, and it can change yours too.

CBT Life Coaching is a profession that is vastly different from therapy or counselling. The coaching process addresses specific personal aims, work issues or problems, general physical and medical conditions and changes the client may want to make in their personal life, relationship or career.

A coach does not advise, they listen and ask questions to help the client find the answers they require. 

Coaching is about the present,  looking at what is going on now, almost like a snapshot in time. A coach will help a client discover what obstacles or challenges there might be, and which course of action will make their life what they want it to be.

I have had coaching myself, and I have also coached myself in many different areas.

Life coaching is something that I believe can assist anyone, especially those who like me live a busy, stressful and sometimes chaotic life.

I believe the key to coaching can be summed up in six words:

  1. Guidance

  2. Goals

  3. Encouragement

  4. Empowerment

  5. Support

  6. Improvement


Working with you I want to you to raise your self-worth and start to believe in yourself. I want you to set specific goals and face the challenges in front of you. I want to reinstall your faltering confidence and ensure that you have it within you to live up to your potential.

I will:

  • assist you to understand what is important and what motivates you

  • gain an insight into who you are, and what strengths, capabilities and potential you possess

  • provide encouragement and support 

  • help you to define goals

  • help you to identify action and the next steps in your life, whether work or home

  • challenge you with difficult questions

  • always give honest and direct feedback.

​​​We will work in collaboration but you will be accountable for your action and any failings. Obtaining new habits and changing life direction is not easy and takes self-motivation and effort. If you do not want a honest, experienced, straight talking and too the point Life Coach, then I may not be for you.

Session information:

I like to have a no obligation phone chat with the potential client to briefly discussed the problems, the illness, and whether we can work together. 

If it decided we can, I advise that we book a 1st session at a convenient time, and the charge for this session is £25 (This is for the 1st online session only. It will be £40 for the 1st face to face session).

If we decided that further sessions are required then I would advise 5 further sessions, with a progress review at the end of the 6th session. I charge £50 per session but there is a discount if sessions 2-6 are booked in advance, (£225 for 5 sessions).

I see clients from across Bristol and Bath in a convenient, comfortable venue. I also have clients from across the UK who will have sessions with me via video call. I put a lot of work into my client sessions, before, during and after, so I believe that my prices are very reasonable. However I expect good communication, hard work, punctuality, positivity, the development of good habits and attention to the dimensions of wellness.

If you want a straight talking and too the point Life Coach, who is going to do everything they can to guide, support and encourage you to improve your life, well-being and mental health then contact me now.

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