Mental Health in the Workplace

Find out how Mental Health First Aid Training, increased Mental Health Awareness & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can improve mental well-being, and unlock the potential of staff in your work place.

My services – For organisation and businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

After the initial no obligation phone call I will visit your organisation to chat about what I do, how I work and what I can do for your business and employees. If agreed I will spend 1-2 days at the office.

I tend to present an hour long mental health awareness presentation to employees, followed by questions and answers. My aim is to get everyone talking and sharing experiences, but I am conscious that not everyone feels comfortable with that, so I will make myself available privately. 

I will then sit down with employees on a 1-2-1 basis and we can have a chat about their present circumstances, issues and problems. 

I will complete a number or questionnaires and scales covering mental health and well-being, anxiety, stress, anger, phobias and resilience.  After compiling scores we can discuss options open to them, either seeing their GP and other professional medical support, contacting occupational health/employee assistance scheme/or further CBT/talking therapy sessions.

It is vitally important that employees understand that I am not an employee, I am not part of HR and my notes and other confidential material is only passed to HR if the client agrees and this would be beneficial.

Why not contact me, I receive a lot of good feedback on both my private sessions and employee sessions. I can also pass on reference contacts from HR departments I have worked with if you require further information.

Why is mental health awareness so important?

Through delivering the presentation I am to educate and raise awareness, which means bringing down the walls of stigma through shared experiences and stories. It means educating others on what mental illness is and helping those with illnesses know they are not alone and they can talk, share and realise that perceived stigma should not be a barrier to mental health improvement.

Corporate clients have included ERS motor insurance, Alianz Financial Services and Saint-Gobain.