So let me introduce myself.

I am Paul Brown and I am a Mental Health First Aid instructor, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) practitioner and Life and Wellness Coach who specialises in anxiety, stress, mental and physical well-being and mental health awareness. 

  • I am a Senior member of the  ACCPH the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners and School Mentors.

  • Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma

  • Professional Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Life Coach Anxiety Speciality Diploma

  • Life Coach Practitioner Diploma

  • CPD and Professional Development in Life Coaching, CBT and Mental Health Awareness

  • NCFE Cache Level 2 certificate in understanding nutrition and health

  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor Member

So how did I end up here? That is a question I ask myself a lot. I have a very secure, enjoyable and rewarding job as a Detective Constable. I do not really need any extra stress in life so why would I have decided to take my life in a different direction and start a wellness business. I have suffered from mental illness since my teens, gripped by anxiety, worry and low mood. My childhood was good, we did not have a lot of money but my parents gave my 4 siblings and I a good life.

School was struggle and I did not particularly excel at anything. I kind of drifted through life but things picked up in my late teens. I worked part time in Tesco, I had a good set of friends, I was active and I had started at college. It all changed when I was 18, my Father passed away suddenly of a heart attack. The rock of the family was gone and I was now responsible. However it was a responsibility I did not want so after managing to finish my A'levels I went off to University, I may have been running away but I just could not handle my Mother who was mentally and physically unwell. 

University had it's ups and downs, I had to work to get through it and in the end I scraped through with a degree. After university my mental state settled down and for the remainder of my 20's I was in a fairly decent place. I worked in London, had fun, life was good and then I joined the Metropolitan Police. 

This was 2003 and over the next 12 or so years I saw things that no person should ever see. I was one of the first officers on scene at Russell Square for the aftermath of the tube bombings, I have been to numerous suicides, been assaulted, been involved in large scale disorder, you name it. On the whole it was very enjoyable but with everyday policing and being run down by managers and every other aspect of policing in London your mental well-being suffers.

On top of this my mother passed away in 2009 and I spent about seven years commuting from the South West to London for most of the week. My first child was born in 2011 and he was difficult from the day he was born (he still is, but then he takes after me) but this was added stress and pressure. In 2013 our second son was born and in 2014 we decided to move house and increase our mortgage. I was still in the Met police and still commuting and trying my best to either get promoted or become a Detective. 

I could feel myself becoming more and more ill, anxiety, stress, worry, tiredness, bad eating, a lack of regular exercise, binge drinking. It all added up to poor mental and physical fitness.

In 2015 I had had enough of London and so had my wife, the way I was was severely affecting her and the boys and I decided to transfer to Avon and Somerset. So in September 2015 after 12 years in the Met I walked out of Hammersmith police station after a week of night duty, there was no leaving party, no farewell drinks I got in my car and drove back to Bristol. Its amazing how many friends and good times you have whilst in London and in the Police, but I can honestly say now I have only one good friend from those days of policing. So that was a sour end to a long career but the move was needed and I looked forward to a 10 minute commute to work and more family time. 


The move was needed and even though I tried to cope with such a big change in my life it was in late 2017 that I ran out of coping strategies and I sunk to a real low point in my life  I hit a big wall could not climb over it and as a consequence I and to take time off work to recover. As I got better I realised that I really had had enough of my poor mental so I decided that I would do something about it and I threw myself into well-being and education. I learnt about mental health, mental and physical well-being, nutrition and healthy eating, I changed my fitness regime, I started qualifications in Coaching, CBT and NLP and I used all of my relevant skills, knowledge and experience from policing to become qualified, accredited and to set up my own business. I created it all from scratch and I taught myself everything. It has been the most satisfying, rewarding and intense year and a bit. I knew that I wanted to help others like I had helped myself so the business was born and a new chapter of my life began.

I now specialise in using CBT techniques as well as other skills to assist those with anxiety and stress conditions. I also consult with businesses in regards to mental health first aid and awareness, workplace wellness and employee well-being (1-2-1 and group sessions). Both my private and corporate work takes me from Bristol along the M4 corridor towards and including London. I prefer face to face meetings but I am happy to see clients via Skype. Please contact me on 07957 101185 or at

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